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Where To Use Your Ring Dish

Where to use our ring/catch-all dishes and why you need one:

  • The living room; our ring dish will hold loose change and buttons found behind the couch, or when you have your feet up on the couch, and your earrings are bothering you and you need to take them off but don't want to walk all the way to your bedroom.
  • The kitchen; when you need a ring dish to place your rings in while you knead bread, roll cookie dough or if you wash your dishes by hand.
  • The workshop. Our dishes work well to hold small nails, tacks and also your rings so they don't get bent out of shape by heavy tools.
  • The garden shed; when you need to get dirt beneath your nails to re-pot a plant.
  • The office desk; when you need a sturdy but lovely dish to hold pins, paper clips and such.
  • The sewing room; when you need a place for pins because your pin cushion is now a cat toy.
  • The studio; to rest and balance your calligraphy pens and paint brushes on, as well as to place pen nibs in.
  • Pack one in your luggage; so you'll have a ring dish to hold your earrings and hair ties in, in your hotel room.
  • Your wedding; as one of the gifts to your bridesmaids, or as an alternative to a ring bearer pillow.
  • On a shelf above the baby change-table. One of our ring dishes will hold your rings while you change baby's diaper so baby won't get scratched by the rings.
  • In the laundry room. To hold your rings by the sink when you need to wash delicate items by hand.